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Yoni Healing Products- 

Queen Bee Yoni Pot Spa brings you an entire range of organic feminine care products so you can cleanse your intimate parts from within and feel more confident in your skin. Explore our collection of all-natural and vegan feminine hygiene products that support the natural balance of the body while deep cleansing and detoxifying it.

Our organic feminine care products are made from fully potent and non-toxic plant-based ingredients. Since they contain no abrasive ingredients, they are gentle on the skin and keep it supple. They also help maintain a healthy PH balance, support the natural acidity, and aid in preventing bacteria build-up or yeast infections.

In our Sacred cookie lineup, you’ll find everything you need to upgrade your self-care routine, detoxify your body and give some love and care to your body. Shop for the best Yoni oil and soaps to restore the elasticity of the vagina, reduce itchiness resulting from yeast infections, and heal your vaginal tissue.

Paraben free• Sulfate free• Phthalate free• GMO free• Propylene Glycol free• Dye-free

Our Product Line Includes: 

Yoni Oils

Yoni Soaps

Yoni Eggs

Yoni Pearls

Tightening Gels

Yoni Clay Mask

Our Exclusive Yoni Remote Toy and much more

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Coochie Care Kit is the perfect set of products to take care of your vagina.

The kit includes Yoni oil, Pussy soothing gel, Yoni refresher spray, Ph Balanced Yoni wash, Yoni lavender Bath bomb and Women’s Sherpa Lined Slipper socks. Many of these products are not available outside of the kit. 

Our Kit is $65 and is available for Pre Orders on November 18, 2021. Limited stock so while supplies last. 

Our Yoni refresher spray is a sweet smelling spray just for the outside of your vagina and for your panties. Pussy Potion is an herbal yoni steam in a bottle!  After a shave or wax, rub our Pussy and booty soothing gel on your pelvic area and buttocks to leave these areas free of hair bumps and Ingrowns. Both areas will be soft and smooth. We make our yoni oil in house and use only the very best fresh herbs as well as in our Yoni Lavender bath bomb. It is perfect for your spiritual baths. After relaxing, slip on our Sherpa lined socks for a real pampered finish.