about us

In the south suburbs of Chicago, holistic options for women were sparse. It was difficult for women to find natural remedies to support their vagina care between doctor visits. In January of 2021, the founder and creator of Queen Bee Yoni Pot Spa developed a sacred place for women to learn about themselves intimately and to develop a way to holistically solve women issues. QB yoni pot spa offers a modern holistic approach to vagina care through an ancient practice of vagina steaming. We also offer handmade products that support vagina care and health.  

Queen Bee Yoni Pot Spa is a holistic wellness spa that provides women with a place to learn, nurture and celebrate their most sacred part of their bodies. Our mission is to provide women with an unique experience with V-steams. At Queen Bee Yoni Spa, we have successfully refined a timeless practice of v steaming without watering down its significance by blending eastern and western methods from both a traditional and scientific philosophy.


The Yoni Queen

The Yoni Queen started her quest for knowledge through her need to understand how to get the best results and optimum vagina care between visits with her OBGYN. Ashanti has developed a step by step process and routine to take care of the yoni monthly, weekly and daily that is shared with her clients during one on one consultations.  Ashanti has been an educator for over 18 years. She has an extensive background in training adults and developing one’s’ self. She decided to take her training and coaching background to open a place to educate and support women in taking care of the female anatomy through holistic measures. Ashanti is a certified yoni steam practitioner and yoni egg specialist. She is also a certified yoga instructor.