Enhancing Women’s Yoni Care

Providing women a place to learn, nurture and celebrate their most sacred part of their bodies.

We at Queen Bee Yoni Pot Spa:

LOVE AND SUPPORT ORGANIC PRODUCTS developed to support the care of the female anatomy.

We research and promote products that help to take care of our yoni and bring them to our clients for their convenience to purchase in our store.  

AIM TO SELL PRODUCTS that are natural and good for the vagina.

We handmake all our yoni products from natural resources. No chemicals are used in our products. 


We encourage and provide v-steaming that helps to promote women daily, monthly and yearly health. 


Through our custom blends and 1 on 1 consultation, we listen to the needs of our clients in order to create blends specifically for them. 

Coochie Care Kit is the perfect set of products to take care of your vagina.

The kit includes Yoni oil, Pussy soothing gel, Yoni refresher spray, Ph Balanced Yoni wash, Yoni lavender Bath bomb and Women’s Sherpa Lined Slipper socks. Many of these products are not available outside of the kit. 

Our Kit is $65 and is available for Pre Orders on November 18, 2021. Limited stock so while supplies last. 

Our Yoni refresher spray is a sweet smelling spray just for the outside of your vagina and for your panties. Pussy Potion is an herbal yoni steam in a bottle!  After a shave or wax, rub our Pussy and booty soothing gel on your pelvic area and buttocks to leave these areas free of hair bumps and Ingrowns. Both areas will be soft and smooth. We make our yoni oil in house and use only the very best fresh herbs as well as in our Yoni Lavender bath bomb. It is perfect for your spiritual baths. After relaxing, slip on our Sherpa lined socks for a real pampered finish.